What is a 'Danbocchi'?

Want to sing at home without disturbing anyone? 

Need a secluded room? 

The answer is a simple cardboard soundproof room developed in Japan called DANBOCCHI.

We use paper honeycomb cardboard that is lightweight and excellent in strength for "Danbocchi" as a whole.

Corrugated cardboard is originally excellent material for heat and sound insulation, but it tends to deteriorate over time.

Kanda Package Co., Ltd., which manufactures "Danbocchi", has focused on lightweight and strong honeycomb cardboards and has been conducting research for many years.

And applying the same for the honeycomb cardboard to bring forward the personal soundproof room.

While maintaining high precision, products that can be enjoyed for a long time have been brought forth.

    When not in use, it can be dismantled and can fit at any corner of your house.


    Tighten the sides and table with hand screws. It will be easier to setup with lean against the wall.

Drop in the side panels into the bottom hole.


    Assemble the door and the back panel on the remaining side.


    Finally, attach the ceiling and place a ventilation duct.

Tighten the ceiling with hand screws to increase airtightness.

Once you get used to it, you can assemble it within 15 to 20 minutes without using tools.


We developed the optimum size - It does not get in the way, it does not feel cramped on entering inside.

It is lightweight and easy to assemble without using tools.

When not in use it can be dismantled and cleaned up.

The soundproof room now has the potential to become a common phenomenon.

* Figure placing "Danbocchi" in a room of 13 square yards.

We realized less than half the price of the soundproof room which is on the market.

When not in use it can be dismantled and stored very easily. Because of its light weight, even a single person can assemble it.

Ideal for singing / voice chat. * We do not recommend this product for those who are looking for absolute soundproofing.


Outer Dimensions:W80xD110xH164(cm) *including the ventilation duct

Inner Dimensions:W74×D104xH148(cm)

Total weight:25.54kg

Loading weight of table:15kg

Price: $2,000.00

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*Although equipped with ventilation openings, the interior is airtight and air tends to stagnate over time.

   Please be sure to open and close the door occasionally by yourself and replace the air.

*When you use a chair or put the weight of your heel, you may dent the floor surface due to the nature of the product.

*It is structured to be less susceptible to deformation due to humidity, but if placed in a place with high humidity for a long time, the product may be deformed.

*Please do not bring in liquids such as drinking water inside the DANBOCCHI to avoid any damage due to spilling.

*There is a danger of deformation or damage if excessive load is applied to the product.

*Never use fire or flammable substances in the product or in its vicinity.


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